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...? [Jul. 20th, 2005|12:01 am]
...Wait a second.

I...can't say I'm as horrified as I could be, but I'm certainly confused.
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2005|03:18 am]
[current pretty emotion |stressedstressed]

He was right about one thing, at least--getting drunk seems fairly advisable at this point.
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...Hmph. [Jun. 9th, 2005|05:10 am]
[current pretty emotion |annoyedannoyed]

Well. At least I wasn't asleep.

But that really was rather unfortunate timing.
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. [May. 25th, 2005|02:50 am]
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I'm not sure how to put this, but [May. 12th, 2005|12:27 am]
I feel strange. Very strange.
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... [May. 3rd, 2005|02:14 am]
[current pretty emotion |my skin!]

Well, the night's head count has come and gone, and my roommate is officially a statistic. All this stress is going to ruin my complexion, I can just feel it.
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...Oh my. [May. 2nd, 2005|03:26 am]
[current pretty emotion |worriedworried]

My roommate has missed curfew.


I can't say we got along all the time, but I'm becoming a little concerned.
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Hn. [Apr. 23rd, 2005|04:59 am]
[current pretty emotion |calmcalm]

Held after Demon Arts classes for an interview today by some of the people investigating the...well, the situation, whatever it is. I haven't been paying attention to any rumors. All I know is that 1) this whole curfew lunacy is keeping me from sneaking out at night and thus putting a ghastly crimp in my social life, and 2) I'm utterly offended that they thought I might have anything to do with something so stupid. Me, issue threats or assault people in secret? The nerve they have, accusing me of such ugly underhandedness! Now, true, there was that little spat with someone who shall remain nameless (pssst, it was Inuzuri), but that was an honorable challenge issued in a public forum, not some spineless nighttime shenanigan.

But, it wasn't all bad. They didn't hold me too long; just long enough to give me an excuse to skip my swordsmanship class. The instructor is so ugly. I can barely stand to look at him, and his voice is so grating it makes me shudder! Former 11th Division, I hear. I'm not surprised; 11th Division seems to have the market cornered on people who really ought to be legally required to wear masks while in public. It would be for the good of Society. Anyway, yet another convincing argument as to the impossibility of me ever ending up in the 11th Division. Also, one of the fellows who interviewed me was actually rather cute, and I think he was giving me the eye! I wasn't able to get his name, but here's hoping we run into each other again...
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2005|07:43 pm]
[current pretty emotion |contemplativecontemplative]

Ugh. I did well enough on the practical, I suppose. But I placed...fourteenth. My rank has an ugly four in it! And 13 was taken by that guy with the unpleasantly sharp features who's always shaving his head and whose name I can't recall at the moment. Something rough and thoroughly unpretty-sounding. Anyway, he'll get his.

I suppose it's time to start thinking about what division I'll be entering.

-First? There's a certain aesthetic appeal in being part of "number one," but working for the crusty old man who doesn't even have the sense to use makeup to cover those awful scars on his head doesn't seem that appealing.

-Second? While the hand-to-hand arts are sometimes graceful, beautiful things, I'm not going anywhere near a Division that would promote someone who picks his nose (and eats it, I've seen him!) that high.

-Third? Well, it is the prettiest-numbered of the Divisions. If I could become the third seat of the Third Division...oooooh! *Squeal*

-Fourth? No no no no. Absolutely not. Besides, medicine is icky, and surgery is even worse. Ugly blood and guts everywhere...

-Fifth? Eh, the Captain would be better-looking without those awful thick-rimmed glasses. Pass.

-Sixth? Now this would be interesting. The graceful and elegant royal guard! Second choice, after the Third.

-Seventh? I'm sorry, I'd sooner kill myself than work for a Captain who considers wearing a bucket on his head the height of fashion. Pass.

-Eighth? The Vice Captain of this Division has the same problem as the Captain of the Fifth; she's somehow convinced that nerds are attractive, when instead she looks like some living stereotype of a stuffy, joyless librarian. And actually is that stereotype, from what I've heard. Pass again.

-Ninth? Eh, a little generic. I wouldn't object, but I'd much rather go into the Third or Sixth. Third choice. (Ah, I love writing "third" or "three" or...)

-Tenth? Fourth choice. Even more neutral than the Ninth.

-Eleventh? Hah! As though I'd ever end up in the Eleventh Division! I don't even have to write "pass," they'll never put me there.

-Twelfth? Ugliest of all the Divisions. Even worse than the...shudder...Fourth in terms of blood and guts everywhere, and they do it for research, not medicine! Ew. Besides, twelve is divisible by four and therefore ugly.

-Thirteenth? I value my sanity, thanks. Pass.
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